Harmet Bathroom

About Us

Harmet Bathroom offers our customers complete B2B solutions – from design to finished finaal products.


Harmet Bathroom is an industrial manufacturer of bathroom pods. We produce wet rooms for buildings including bathrooms, saunas etc. Factory-made, assembled and finished wet rooms accelerate the completion time of a construction project and reduce the quality-related risks.

We offer our customers complete B2B solutions – from design to finished final products covering all aspects of design, documentation, manufacturing and delivery. Our clients are real estate developers, main contractors and designers.

We develop a standardized model in cooperation with the client that is custom made to suit their needs. The model can then be used in long-term serial production for different projects.

Our key employees have extensive knowledge in bathroom pods manufacturing in Finland. Combining the business experience of Harmet, that has operated in Estonia for years with success and a vision for the future, we obtain the integral competence that makes Harmet Bathroom a top- quality oriented manufacturing company.

We have the following quality warrants and protocols: